This is fast and free eSigning for the lazy.

It’s a revolt against complexity, over-engineered processes,
and the old way of doing things.

Choose lazy

Forget all those fancy features.
Bank IDs, templates and scribbles are irrelevant;
they represent over-engineered processes that waste time and money.
SignHero fans want to just focus on what matters, so we give you the essentials.
Average weekly metrics:
10000+ people using SignHero
3000+ contracts signed
150+ new team accounts


SignHero account includes everything you really need to eSign:
Send & sign PDFs
Track processes
Remind signers
Access audit trail
Work in teams
Archive documents
Unlimited signers & invitations.
And it’s free.

Register with your name, email and organisation.
We don’t want your credit card info.

APIs & Integrations

Integrate our signing button wherever you need (for free).

Doubts & Worries

Short answer:

Of course. It’s been around already for a decade.

Signing a piece of paper with a pen is not a particularly secure way to sign. The law is on our side; check the eIDAS and ESIGN acts.

Long answer:

You know, signing a piece of paper is not a very guaranteed way of making an agreement. Handwritten signatures can be forged, disputed and even lost. In fact, if you’re still scribbling away, you’re basically not assured of anything. Aren’t you at all scared?

Besides, the EU has a freedom of making contracts act, according to which you can choose how your agreements are confirmed. Check that your business has no special requirements (e.g. money laundering act) and then eSign away.

Authentication is like insurance. For example, did you show your ID when you signed your current work contract? Some agreements are low risk and so only require light insurance; in this case, email authentication is enough.

SignHero is currently used for: Commercial contracts / Work contracts / NDAs / Meeting minutes / Rental agreements

Short answer:

SignHero is currently completely free because we haven’t figured out what a premium version could include.

Long answer:

Sure, we thought about stamping a price tag of 9.99e for this service, similar to those music streaming sites you know. But isn’t it funny that none of them have yet to reach the breakeven point?

Our aim is that basic eSigning should be completely free. For everyone. Of course, we might end up killing this business altogether.

And besides, we have investors, among them our parent company, Avaintec.
Have some coffee, go fishing, actually don’t, get some work done, call your mum, do your taxes, log in your hours, recycle, save the world, play with your dog, play with your friend’s dog, learn an instrument, write a poem, bake a cake, eat a cake, get a new haircut, do cartwheels across the lawn, travel the world, read a book, design your own destiny, create a religion, bust a myth, self-employ, go to a startup event, raise money, fail fast, take a nap, be lazy, repeat.