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Q: What is an API?

The SignHero API is a way for you to streamline your life, get SignHero into your favourite application and send documents for signing within a CRM, ERP or HRM system (or basically any other digital tool). With it you can also archive signed documents wherever you want.

Q: How can I get this API?

Anyone can integrate SignHero. Check out our latest API Documentation. Yes, we do offer support, but you need to do the magic on your own. In some cases, we can also recommend our preferred partners. If you need anything, please contact us via hello@signhero.io

Q: How can I use this API in my business?

SignHero is free of charge even as an API integration. Before you dive into perfect laziness, please check and accept our API Terms.

Almost anything can be signed with SignHero, here are the most popular use cases:

Commercial contracts, Work contracts, NDAs, Prenups, Meeting minutes, Rental agreements, (Dog) hotel reservations, Invoices, Fan mail, Purchase agreements, Powers of attorney, Confirmations (not in a religious spirit).

I am a nerd

Q: What are the technical requirements?

JSON-Pure principles over HTTP POST keep the request content separate from the transmission mechanism, which results in an API that is simple and easy to use. All communication is done using SSL. OAuth2 is used for authentication and authorisation.

Q: How can I test the API?

You can test the SignHero API with Postman. Our Postman collection includes all the SignHero API requests. It usually takes 3-10 days to execute an integration, but it is highly dependent on final functionalities.

Q: Which authorisation grants does SignHero support?

Client Credentials - This grant is suitable for machine-to-machine authentication.
Authorisation Code - This grant obtains limited access to SignHero on the user’s behalf.

In both use cases you need to have a way to store secrets (Client ID & Password) in a secure way.