What is SignHero for Gmail?

No more downloading and uploading documents between separate applications.

It’s a sign- button in your inbox, and signed PDF’s can be seamlessly stored in your Google Drive. We reckon that’s effective laziness.

SignHero for Gmail is an add-on for the purpose of using the service directly inside user’s Gmail account. This add-on allows a user to sign PDF’s attached to an email message, store signed documents in user’s Google Drive account and create email drafts of signed documents.

How can I get it?

When you already have both, Gmail and SignHero accounts, just browse into
G Suite marketplace OR click Get add-ons (“+” icon on the right-side taskbar inside your Gmail) and search for SignHero.

Just follow the instructions and in no time, you’ll get a sign-button into your email. SignHero for Gmail is free of charge.

How it works?

Step one: Choose an email message with attached documents. Then, select SignHero icon on the right-side taskbar, choose files and sign.

Note: Your browser might block pop-ups which are crucial for the add-on to work. If the add-on seems stuck the first time you run it, check your browser's address bar for a pop-up icon or warning. After allowing pop-ups you might need to refresh the page.

Step two: Confirm that you have a right to sign these documents.

Step three: If you want to store your signed documents into Google Drive, just click the icon and the signed documents will be stored into a designated folder. You can also create an email message including signed documents and send it to others with a personalized message.