SignHero API Terms

With regard to the SignHero application programming interface (from here on called the "API") these terms (from here on called the "API Terms") and the following shall apply:

Avaintec Oy (from here on called "Avaintec") reserves the right to update and make changes to these API Terms. In the event of a discrepancy between the API Terms and the Terms of Use, the API Terms shall take precedence. The latest version of the API Terms is available at Use of the API after such a change indicates acceptance of the change.

1. Licence

In accordance with this contract, Avaintec will provide you with a temporary, non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to use the API.

2. Use of the API

2.1 Users must register to use the API. You must provide correct and complete information when registering and keep your user data up to date. By registering for the service, you accept our Privacy Policy.

2.2 When using the API, you may not

  • attempt to reverse engineer or decompile the API code.
  • hand over the API for use by a third party, and you must keep your username and password information and other corresponding information confidential.
  • create an application which, in principle, functions in the same way as SignHero.
  • send any viruses, worms, Trojans or other malware.
  • try to hack into user accounts, the API or other parts of the service.
  • use the API in a manner which Avaintec, at its sole discretion, regards as excessive or disruptive.
  • use the API by any automated method; all use must be based on an end-user assignment.

2.3 Use of the API does not grant you ownership of the user's content that you are using via the API. When using the user's content via the API or service, you undertake to

  • comply with all applicable legislation and regulations related to data protection.
  • publish your application's privacy policy, in which you describe the data protection and data collection principles of your application.
  • be responsible for ensuring that the user's content is collected, processed, transferred and used solely in compliance with your application's privacy policy.
  • be responsible for ensuring that the user has provided you with express permission to use the SignHero account. You undertake to use the user's SignHero account only within the bounds set by the user's consent.
  • notify Avaintec immediately of any abuse of the API or data breach of user accounts, and cooperate with Avaintec in fixing the situation.

2.4 At its own, sole discretion, Avaintec may at any time and without advance notice or liability, cancel or restrict your access to all or some parts of the API.

3. Fees and payment

The API shall be provided free of charge for the time being, but Avaintec reserves the right to begin charging for the use of the API or service.

4. Updates

Avaintec reserves the right to publish new, replacement versions of the API, and to require you to use the latest version. At its sole discretion, Avaintec shall determine the transition time to using the latest version of the API. Any changes will be announced at Use of the API after such a change indicates acceptance of the change.

5. Monitoring of use

Avaintec reserves the right to monitor use of the API to ensure quality, improve the products and services, and ensure that your use of the API is in accordance with the API Terms and the Terms of Use herein.

6. Validity and termination

These API Terms shall enter into force whenever you use the API. You may terminate the API Terms herein at any time, without separate notice and upon any grounds whatsoever, by ceasing all use of the API. Avaintec may terminate these API Terms at any time and on any grounds whatsoever. If you breach any of these API Terms or the Terms of Use, Avaintec is entitled to terminate these API Terms without separate notice. Any contractual terms and obligations, which are of such a kind that they must remain in force after the termination or end of the contract, shall remain in force.